Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday Night Video: Boogie Wars

Paul Thomas Anderson didn't get any love at the Oscars, so I thought I would give him some half-humorous recognition today.

What happens when you take a movie that takes place in 1977 and mix it with a movie that came out in 1977?

You get Boogie Wars.

Star Wars is like the vodka of mashup matter... you can mix it with almost anything.


Arjan said...

Oh and after I was done reading I found out about the whole 'background'thing. It dóes look better, although as you said you made up in warmth.

Tor Hershman said...

(other animals have ones too) CULTure kills, oh yeah.

Stay on groovin'safari,

MC said...

Arjan: Yeah, but I am warming to this particular look now.

Tor: It is more like (Pop) Culture Kills...

Micgar said...

You're right-SW just fits with Boogie Nights. That's a good mashup!

MC said...

I think the reason I liked it was the narration and dialogue sort of described the real world around Star Wars itself.