Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Express Checkout: A Few Items

Welcome back... now pack up your things: With a renewal order for the third season of Ugly Betty coming down the wire and plans to film 4 to 6 new episodes for this year as well, another piece of news also trickled onto the set. It seems that executive producers Marco Pennette and James Hayman have been let go from the show, and to me, this is terrible news. You see, the two of them were responsible for some of the best episode of the series, including the finale of the first season and the first episode of this year, and I have a sinking feeling that the quality of the show is really going to decline now.

Hannah Montana, Unsafe Passenger?: I've never written about Miley Cyrus before, and I likely will never write about her again. However, I happened to read a story that sort of peeved me. You see, apparently she made a movie that was very popular with children and in this film, she wasn't wearing a seatbelt in a scene, and now Consumer Reports, which I had nothing but respect for in the past, has their panties in a twist because of that. My question to you all is how often do you notice characters not wearing seat belts in a movie when it isn't germane to the plot? I mean, part of me really wishes that CR was using the resources they are wasting on this to, I don't know, actually go after an unsafe product. But that's just me.

Goodbye Tech_Space, Hello Science Fair: I am pleased to announce that superblogger and friend of Culture Kills, Angela Gunn, has migrated from her old home at Tech_Space to a new collaborative hangout in the USA Today blogging village, Science Fair. She was one of the first people to embrace the Blogger Burnout Advisory System(Hell, she was reading this blog from back when this wasn't the Plaid menace it is now), mainly because she was getting crispy herself, and it pleases me greatly that she has had an opportunity to reinvent herself amongst some peers of a similar mindset. I wish her all the best in this new endeavor. To Reinvention! Huzzah!


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