Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm working on a few changes around here, which should slowly start emerging over the next couple of days.

For instance, as I approach 800 posts, I realize that there are some deficiencies in my blog's filing system, which will require some work to make it a little more manageable. And while I am doing that, I will also be collecting some of my favorite posts to make them even more accessible, as I don't expect people to dig through my entire archives to find those rare diamonds in the rough.

I'm even contemplating a redesign. *gasp* Has it really gotten to the point where I may no longer be the warm green tartan envoy of pop cultural criticism. Perhaps... but don't quote me on that.

There are a few other things I am seriously contemplating, like joining the Amazon Associate program (in a very discreet and I feel ethical way as a blogger, though there may be a noticeable effect for a relatively short time for those of you following this blog by feed).

Just giving you all a heads up before some of this work begins.

Oh, and just so people don't feel like I suckered them into this entry, here is David Bowie performing the title song.

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