Wednesday, February 20, 2008

7 Pop Cultural Fact you May Not have Known

Yeah, 10 would have been better, but 7 is all I could think of at the moment.
  • The dog that played Jerry Lee in the original K-9 with Jim Belushi was a real police dog with the Kansas City, Missouri, named Koton. He was tragically shot and killed in the line of duty trying to apprehend a suspect who was wanted for the attempted murder of a police officer.

  • The first bare breast on television occurred in 1950, when talk show host Faye Emerson had a wardrobe malfunction and accidentally fell out of her dress. I guess we are lucky there wasn't a Parents Television Council back then.

  • The first recognized Gold Record was Glenn Miller's Chattanooga Choo Choo in February 1942. It was literally a copy of the album plated gold and framed. However, it was not the first million selling record... that distinction belongs to Gene Austin's "My Blue Heaven".

  • Cartoonist/Artist Robert Crumb traded six of his sketchbooks for a townhouse in the south of France. I am sure Picasso would be proud.

  • To think, if Texas cattlemen didn't sue Oprah Winfrey for false defamation of perishable food in 1998, Dr. Phil would likely have not come to prominence. Phil McGraw co-founded a trial consulting firm called CSI (Courtroom Sciences, Inc), and they helped prepare Oprah for the trial, after which, Oprah invited Dr. Phil on her show, and the rest is regretfully history.

  • The Nike Swoosh was designed for 35 dollars by a Portland State University graphic design student. 35 dollars in 1971 is roughly equivalent to about 185 dollars today, which is around the same amount as the price of some of Nike's premier shoes.

  • The Kennedy brothers were interested in buying the Philadelphia Eagles franchise in October 1962. But history conspired against them as another matter distracted them from such a purchase: the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Anonymous said...

Glenn Miller's gold record for "Chattanooga Choo Choo" was the first gold record presented to any recording artist, 10 February 1942 by R.C.A. Records. It was not "spray painted". It was plated with real gold on a record pressing plate. Currently on permanent loan by the Miller family to the Glenn Miller Archives at the University of Colorado-Boulder. From February to June 2008, it is on display at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in their exhibit - "GOLD".

Tuffy said...

I can't believe they put Koton back onto the force after he'd already broken into showbiz! He must have had a terrible agent.

MC said...

anon: so noted and the entry will be updated to reflect that information.

tuffy: I never thought of that. Hmmm.

Tuffy said...

You're not alone. The members of CAA (Canine Agents' Agency) routinely complain about how little they figure in the popular imagination.

MC said...

I didn`t know there was an agency just for Canine performers. I guess you do learn something new every day.