Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday Night Videos:The Candy/Jackson Show

Aside from both having worked with Eugene Levy in a comedic project or two, John Candy and Samuel L. Jackson have very little in common.

Still, it is great watching these two masters of particular schools of acting play off each other, even if it is completely fake.

Well, I certainly want a burger now, don't you? I can't believe only 15 people liked it at College Humor since mid-2006.


Micgar said...

I liked it-but then you know me...I like that kind of muthafuckin' sick shit! Those other viewers can get out ma muthafuckin' face!

MC said...

Is it bad that I can identify where most of the clips come from?

Micgar said...

uhhh no...yes!

MC said...

Uncle Melanomahead's coming.