Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Marvel at these horrifying theme songs

A few years back, I got into the habit of watching old episodes of the 1966's Hulk from Marvel Superheroes created by Grantray-Lawrence Animation and laughing at how clunky some of the exposition is, but something else stuck with me ever since. The theme music wasn't good. Yeah, it gave a nice overview of the Hulk origin story, but it really isn't memorable for the right reasons.

So I decided to see if I could find some of the other title sequences from that series and the other Marvel series from the 1960's, and they are almost all equally corny. Since I am really quite the neophyte when it comes to comics, from watching these intros, I still have no idea what the storylines of some of these are so I can't comment on accuracy.

Iron Man
Mighty Thor
Captain America

And when you compare those ones with the big dog, Spiderman, they come off sorely lacking. I bet if you were in a public place and just started humming the theme from Spiderman, other people would join in, because it is just that damn catchy, is it not. It is still corny, but man, it really sticks with you. It truly is one for the ages.

As a point of interest, I found a site that has the theme songs from a lot of the cartoons from the past, which really gave me a frame of reference for this whole thing.


Lee said...

I don't know I've always kind of liked the Iron Man one. Has a 70s ladies man type of feel about it.

Man now that I think about it - I want a theme song like that. Granted I'm not Iron Man or a cool cat with a heart of steel and generally I don't fight..fight..fight.

Oh well.

MC said...

I'd rather have this as a theme song though.

Semaj said...

Man, these are bad. The Cap America one sounded like a western theme song.

Mayren said...

i love Marvel and hate their theme songs. :(

MC said...

Semaj: Blame Canada... because the company used our "talents" to make those.

Mayren: The ones you love always hurt you in the world of pop culture.