Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Prison Break Season 3 is looking good

Prison Break has always the television equivalent of a popcorn movie. You know there is plot holes and things that sometimes don't make sense, but the story is told at such a rapid pace and so much is going on that you just find yourself going along for the ride. Masterpiece Theatre is most certainly isn't, but even with its flaws, I still find it royally entertaining and unlike The O.C., it has managed to keep my interest coming into its third season.

If you have Tivo'd the season premiere or you are waiting to watch the second season on DVD, I think this is a good post to skip as I will be discussing some of the plot points that got us all to moment in time.

At the close of last season Michael Scofield, the mastermind behind a daring escape from Fox River penitentiary, found himself captured in Panama and thrown inside a rather sinister institution called Sona. Along with Scofield, we also discover that Agent Mahone, the corrupt and drug-addicted FBI agent who had pursued the convicts throughout the season, and former Fox River guard turned bounty hunter Brad Bellick have also found themselves incarcerated at that very same prison. Meanwhile, Michael's brother, Lincoln Burrows, found himself a free man after his convictions for crimes he didn't commit were overturned when new evidence came to light, so in a stunning reverse of the beginning of the series, Michael is now in jail and it is up to Lincoln to get him out.

As the season opens, we get a far better taste of how bad Sona is, as the above character watch from within a crowd a fight to the death in the open courtyard of the prison in the middle of a rain-soaked night. The following day, the body of the loser still sits in the center of the courtyard, a signal that this place is light years away from the rigid discipline of the American justice system. It is later revealed that those in Sona are the worst of the worst, and that the year before Scofield had arrived, the prisoners had rioted so badly that the guards pulled out to the perimeter of the facility, allowing the prisoners to fill the power vacuum from within and establish its own disciplinary system under a single leader.

Of course, Scofield's notoriety makes him a potential rival for said leadership, so it becomes clear that Sona will likely not be kind to him. Through some twists, it becomes clear that once again he is going to have to use his talents to escape from the facility, which will be a much tougher task seeing as he hasn't had an opportunity to prepare for this particular challenge, so it will be interesting to see how he improvises.

There are still so many unanswered questions, and knowing Prison Break, I have a feeling that those answers are going to be unexpected. I am looking forward to seeing where this season is going to end up.


Bart said...

Hello there. Got here via the link you garnered from IMDb to your posting about Jodie Foster and her hatred of Sin City. Congrats on that link. I stuck around and read and liked what I saw, so I think I'll be coming back.

I never got in to Prison Break, to be honest, something about it never appealed to me. However, did you stick around to check out the premiere of K-Ville? That might be a keeper, though I have a bad track record of getting in to Fox shows from the premiere, and said show getting the ax (see Bunny, Greg the; Tick, The; and Universe, Andy Richter Controls The). At least it will give me something to watch while Heroes is on, since I never got in to that, either. I'm weird.

Mayren said...

I've NEVER gotten into this show called "Prison Break".
Seriously - what is the draw?
you break out - the show is over right?
Could you explain what the good points about this show is?

Semaj said...

Yeah, I liked the promos, but i generally watch shows when they come out on DVD.

BTW, is season 2 out on DVD yet?

Mayren: I actually liked season one, I'd say check it out, because it builds and builds and you want to see just exactly how these guys are going to get out. (Like Lost and 24, I think it works better on DVD, because you can see it back to back)

MC said...

Bart: I never got into Heroes either... though that was because it was on during the time slot 24 occupies during the winter-spring of the year. Perhaps I will take a look at K-ville next week, though I might have a chance to see the pilot tonight as well. And I loved Andy Richter Controls the Universe too.

Mayren: Things are never that simple. I skipped most of the government conspiracy stuff, and the romance stuff from the last two seasons, but suffice it to say, there is a lot going on.

Semaj: They were advertising the season 2 DVDs last night during the show, so I do believe it is out. I don't have the patience to wait until the DVD's come out to watch a series that is on now... because I want to know what's happening... and the weeks between episodes allow me to think about where things could go.