Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yet Another Youtube Controversy

There is a hubbub brewing at YouTube about breasts and cleavage. And the fact that the cleavage in question is male is what makes this whole situation somewhat unique.

You see, it has become a common practice for people to exploit the screenshot feature at Youtube by posting a freeze frame of breasts/cleavage to get people to watch their videos in the hopes that there will be salacious content. However most of the time, the video in question has nothing to do with that image whatsoever.

Skip to a few months ago when a male blogger nicknamed VisibleMode noticed that one of his older videos was flagged because he jokingly posted a screenshot of himself giving himself male breast cleavage while most of the videos featuring cleavage of the feminine variety as the teaser shot were not flagged.

Naturally, a lot of his female vlogging friends(as well as many of his gender peers) took umbrage at this and have been trying to fight this double standard, and they do have a point really. And the funny thing is, when these same vloggers reposted the image, their videos also got flagged.

This is the image in question:

So I guess these are the rules of the YouTube community now:

If you are a woman, you can show either your own or some other woman's cleavage or breasts(as long as the nipple is not exposed) with no consequences.

If you are a man, you may show a woman's cleavage or breasts if such images do not include the nipple.

If you are a man or a woman, you may not show male breasts or cleavage in a sexualized way.

Yeah... that is exceedingly fair, isn't it?


J.D. said...

I can't stop laughing, but there is a very valid point here.

MC said...

Yeah, it is sort of funny.

Micgar said...

As a guy whose advancing middle age is causing some cleavage to appear, I cry foul!
Who made up those rules is a boob and an utter fool!

MC said...

Indeed my good man.