Friday, August 03, 2007

Painful Whose Line is it Anyway Segment

Since this has been a slow week, I thought I would drop this video for all to see.

It is an appearance by Whose Line is It Anyway stalwarts Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood at the Just for Laughs festival playing a painful improv game involving blindfolds, bare feet and a stage full of mouse traps. Even if you hated the show, it is still really funny.

Makes my feet ache(amongst other parts).


It's Me... Maven said...

It's like a sick sadistic marco polo, but not in water.

I love it:)

MC said...

I wonder if anyone broke a toe.

Micgar said...

I actually loved this show! I thought it took people back to a time when entertainers could make people laugh by using very little but the audiences' imagination, and maybe some props.
What did you think of the show?
Yikes! Poor Colin! That rat trap had to hurt!

MC said...

When I was a kid, I used to love watching the British version... Josie Lawrence was quite fetching.