Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Improving 24 Revisited

I was a great fan of 24, but really, season 6 was just a steaming pile of rotting roadkill narrative. In short, it was bad, especially in comparison to the stellar fifth season.

Anyway, today the IMDB posted a link to a post over at Empire Online detailing 10 ways to Improve 24, and I have to say that each of the suggestions have merits, though I am not entirely sold on suggestion 10: bringing in Chuck Norris. I just can't see that working, though it is funny to contemplate.

And of course, I've been vocal about my own suggestion for changing the 24 formula up, but if the producers and writers of the show took some of the ideas that Nick de Semlyen has laid out, I think that the show can pull out of the nose dive and once again regain the love of its viewers.

But I always thought that 24 needed a bit more comic relief, a role that at times was played by Mary Lynn Rakskub's Chloe, but really, there needs to be a bit more. In drama, you sometimes need something to break the tension, because if everything is designed to give the viewer white-knuckles, then basically a lot of events lose their bite. You can only amp things up a certain degree, and then there is nowhere else you can go. And because in part 24 takes place in an office setting, well, in most places, there is always someone who has a quip or a burn for even the most dire of situations, and I think that these people would also probably be employed by the fictional federal government. There are smartasses everywhere.

Of course, knowing 24, such a character would probably get whacked before noon.


Schadenfreude said...

I didn't see the first season of 24 when it aired, though a few of my friends -- Bacon Boy especially -- raved about it.

So I gave the second season a try and loved it. I was salivating for season 3.

But somewhere around the time Jesse Velasquez from Fame got a face full of weaponized virus I was done with the show. Just wasn't worth my time anymore. And really once you detonate a nuke there was nowhere to go for me in terms of upping the stakes and the show lost me for good.

How bout 10 things to suck former fans back in? Especially since there isn't a lot on TV these days worth watching. Yeesh, I'm watching the complete Firefly series now due to the lack of programming -- sad I have but one episode left to see. :(

MC said...

Well, since you were a former fan, what would you like to see then?

Schadenfreude said...

More Elisha Cuthbert in skin-tight T's?

MC said...

That right there tells me you are more a fan of her bod than of 24, because 24 fans HATE Kim Bauer.

Schadenfreude said...

Oh I hated her when she was in dude's bomb shelter and hated her more when she was at CTU -- but I couldn't look away!


MC said...

Personally, I think Captivity was made with 24 fans in mind.