Thursday, May 17, 2007

24 in need of a revamp?

I will not be giving spoilers about the current season of 24, so those of you who only watch the series on DVD or are in another region where the telecasts are delayed, you don't have to worry that I am going to disclose any of the current plotlines, but I will be discussing some unrelated speculative ideas for future seasons.

With that being said, most of the people who have watched the show in its sixth season seem to have come to the same conclusion... it just doesn't have the magic it once did. There is just something off, and it just hasn't been as satisfying as it could be, and the fact that the fifth season was so good makes the lacklustre nature of the current one even more obvious.

Now, over a year ago, I wrote an entry about the direction I thought the show should go in, and a recent story about the renewal of the show for two more seasons makes me think that maybe my idea could come to fruition.

Basically I wrote that because the show took place in Los Angeles, I thought it was odd that the producers of the show decided to totally avoid a crucial part of my perception of that city: its natural inclination for being the scene of natural disasters. I mean, has there been so much as a tremor on the show? A wildfire? A mudslide? To me, any one of these scenarios would have made for some great drama, especially when coupled with the usual kinds of story lines they deal with on the series.

And because the show isn't being received as well as it was in the past, perhaps they are ready to take some risks to keep things interesting. I certainly hope so, as I would religiously watch a series of the show if they did something like I had suggested last year. Sometimes you have to revamp a series or franchise to keep people on their toes, as the producers of the James Bond films would likely tell you.

I think now is one of those times when such a revamp should be considered.


Jess said...

This season of 24 has seemed rather stale. I lost interest almost halfway through and shifted my focus over to Heroes. So far, I haven't regretted the decision.

MC said...

I think it may be running out of steam... because there isn't really anything bigger they can do to amp it up now.