Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Right Format for the Right Kind of Story

I was thinking that if Kiefer Sutherland ever decided to leave 24, and the producers wanted to do one last season of the show, I can think of a perfect subject for it.

Given the fact that the show takes place in Los Angeles, why not have a series that was about a day in the life of the city just before, during and after an earthquake. I know that the movie Timecode had a little bit of the same flavor, but I think the public would love such programming. I mean, with remakes of the Poseidon Adventure, the two mini-series based on the "10.5" concept and the upcoming TV movie about the Avian Flu, disaster sells, and covering a fictionalized disaster in a real time format in the usually serious style of 24 seems like a winner to me.

I could even see a minor to moderate quake being a complication on a normal search for terrorists, because think of the chaos that would cause for the crew at CTU. I am sure FEMA and Homeland Security would be implementing their resources for the struggle, and that would make for some interesting television.

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