Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Four Bits

  • The Goldman family finally won the rights to O.J. Simpson's supposedly fictitious description of how he killed his wife and her friend one night in 1994. An unrepentant Simpson claims the action is hypocritical, as the Goldman family were vocal about the project when he stood to profit from the account, but they are fine with having the rights to the book themselves. Considering that he still owes the Brown and Goldman families $38 million dollars from the civil case, yeah, I think that is entire fair.

  • Star Jones had Gastric Bypass Surgery: Yeah, I am about as surprised by that as I am about finding out that David Hyde Pierce was gay. I didn't think it needed to be spelled out. I guess other people did.

  • While everyone was writing memorial posts to Tom Snyder, Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni, I just wanted to note the passing of legendary college and NFL Football coach Bill Walsh. His coaching philosophies influence the game today, and the West Coast Offense will likely be around for years to come. His wisdom when it came to football made him truly one of the greats in his field.

  • I like the fact that both producer Frank Marshall and Matt Damon have both said that they really aren't interested in doing any more Bourne movies after Ultimatum, and I think that is a wise decision artistically. They aren't totally ruling it out, but they've essentially said as individuals that the storyline has played out and at the moment, there really doesn't need to be another one, and I think more actors, directors and producers should look at their franchises and make that kind of realization.

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