Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Few Related Thoughts

  • Is it just me, or is Melanie "Sporty Spice" Chisholm the normal one out of all the Spice Girls now? I mean, Posh is two steps away from being a praying mantis hocking Xenu, Scary is getting into a paternity fight with Eddie Murphy and the tales of Baby Spice's love affair emerging recently and Ginger's problems are generally well-known. So why am I saying Sporty is the normal one? Simple; she's the one who really didn't want to go back on tour with those other four. It takes a sane person to realize that.

  • I have come to a conclusion: I could be sold on any movie that features a Van Halen with David Lee Roth song in the trailer. I mean, that is half the reason why I want to see Superbad so much.

  • And speaking of Superbad, apparently writer-actor Seth Rogen got one upped by Simon Pegg... as Rogen was mulling over making a slacker zombie comedy himself before Shaun of the Dead was released. Rogen stated, "When I first saw Shaun Of The Dead, I thought, 'F**k! F**k those guys!' I'd been thinking of writing a zombie movie about two dudes, and then that came along. I couldn't believe it! Not only are these guys quicker, they're better than me, too!" Of course, Spaced fans know that the genesis of that movie was the third episode of the first series opening from back in 1999.

  • Which reminds me of a discussion I was having with Semaj about the upcoming Ant-Man movie which Edgar Wright is writing and directing, and I think the crux of the argument came down to this: with questionable licensed properties, a good writer or director can find the gold amongst the silt to make a good movie. It may not be completely faithful to the source material, but it will stand well on its own. That's why I still believe that with the right writer/director team, a video game based movie could work.


J.D. said...

Good on Sporty. Sanity is very, very cool.

Semaj said...

So is Sporty Spice out of the return tour? (I also heard on TMZ they all each have their own 'people' that surround them and they have bigger egos now)

I can see your point on Ant man, I think a writer and a director that respected and loved the material could bring something good out of it. My only problem with the Ant-man stuff is his character isn't the Icons The Hulk, Superman, or Batman are.

I really hate using this word, but an Ant-Man movie might be harder to 'Market' to the common joe

I thought the 1st mortal Kombat was good.

you bring up some good points

MC said...

Semaj: No she isn't out. They had to pay a lot of money to get her to come back(about 20 million dollars). And regarding Ant-man... some of the most successful movies were made from properties that didn't have iconic status in the general public, like the Mask for instance.

J.D. I think I answered you as well.

Mayren said...

If you take a good look at the groups new pics from People and other magazines Sporty Spice even dresses more normal than the rest.

I have to admit with a head hung in shame that I want to see what happens when they finally come back this December. I like the Spice Girls. *le sigh*

Semaj said...

Mayren: I just noticed that after you mentioned it.

We all know that they probably won't be able to finish the tour due to 'creative differences'. Too many egos on stage now.

I'm still waiting for the Spiceworld II movie announcement.

MC said...

Mayren: From what I've read, she basically bought a farm in Southern Wales and was keeping to herself.

Semaj: Apparently, she got rather angry that Simon Fuller demanded that ALL the girls take singing lessons before the tour started. She took umbrage at that.