Friday, August 31, 2007

Danny Devito is a sick twisted bastard

Someone broke a fibre optic line in my neck of the woods and a huge part of my county was without internet services, so as a way of apologizing for my absence, I thought I would post something a little more salacious and creepy tonight in my usual midweek video post.

It is a really demented promo movie for the FX series It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and as the intro warns, it isn't safe for work. Seriously. But seeing as it is Labor Day Weekend, it just seemed so perfect.

I think for most people, the phrase... and you thought your job was bad definitely applies.


The Foo said...

creepy ... but funny!

i've not seen that series yet. might have to catch it this season.

happy labor day weekend.

BTW: someone "broke" your fibre optic line? how in the world they do that?

MC said...

I called the cable company from my neighbors(they have a land line), and the message was that a fibre optic had been severed and it was affecting service in the north part of this county.

They didn't say how it happened however, though there are stories from Western Canada about thieves cutting fibre optic lines in search of salvageable copper wiring.

Micgar said...

Oh my goodness! That was funny and scary at the same time! DDevito is hilarious!

MC said...

I love the cackling... that's what makes it for me.

Micgar said...

and the nonchalance DD has as he asks him to "lube up"!

MC said...

Even though we all know he is a nice guy... I think deep down we could believe that he would have such a clause in a contract. I mean, I certainly would.