Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Will there be more than 4 Indiana Jones movies?

Industry rumor says yes.

Shia LaBeouf has apparently signed up to do three more Indiana Jones movies as Dr. Jones' son. That is some big news, isn't it. I mean, the fourth film isn't even finished filming yet. Paramount must be supremely confident in the performance of not just this upcoming movie but in LaBeouf's star power. But that isn't the weirdest part...

You see, Harrison Ford has also signed up to do more of the movies too. So I guess at some point he is going to be playing the Sean Connery role in his fictional son's film, though you never know. He may be beating the crap out of people as a septuagenarian.

Now, I don't worry about LaBeouf's acting power or the fact that old man Ford is potentially going to be creaking around with a whip for the next decade or so... no, I am worried about George Lucas.

We all know how well Lucas does when he is involved with making a new trilogy twenty years after the original movies were made. And from what the rumor mill has been putting out for the past decade, he was largely the force(no pun intended) that kept putting a kibosh on the archaeological adventures of our favorire bullwhip-swingin' hero.

Imagine if you will the amount of crap that Lucas, Spielberg, the Paramount executive and Ford/LaBeouf are going to have to go through to find a project that they all agree is worth pursuing. Frankly, I wouldn't want to see the kind of committee meetings that would need to take place to get three of these movies off the ground.

Though someone in the comments section of Cinematical did note something which I thought was an interesting plan for this. Like other sequels/trilogies, they could film multiple titles of the series at the same time, much like they did for the Back to the Future and Matrix series.

If they do that, perhaps they can all pull it off. But deep down, I think that this is just the kind of idle rumors that Hollywood spins to keep people talking about an upcoming movie... just like when Shrek the Third came out, there was immediately discussion about the series going to a fifth movie... though that rumor does seem to have some legs.

So, do any of you believe that there are going to be 7 movies in the Indiana Jones saga?

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