Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stumbleupon Finds: June Edition

Well, it is time for another rousing edition of what did Matt find this month on Stumbleupon. Enjoy.

Realistic South Park Painting
Wilford Brimley, the lost college years
A Road Sign I'd Like to See from Worth 1000
The Royal Fart from Big Geek Daddy Humor
Daddy, what did you do to me?

This is Kindergaaaaarten via Slackerz
I think I saw this movie before via Dueling Analogs
Slowpoke's Least Effective Forms of Political Protest
Sinfest's Kill God
When LOLCatz go bad
Neko the Kitty #266
Cats Don't Care
Piercing by David Gaddis
The Warehouse's Battle of the Century
Evilkid Comix: The New Rebels

22 Things you didn't know you could get for free via Free Geekery
A short history of the evolution of execution methods from Neatorama
5 Best Onion Headlines ever according to MediaCircus
Table of Condiments
The Stranger recounts the Worst Date Ever
What would happen if you tried to buy 25 bottles of Nyquil

The Pop Culture Translator
The Star Wars Cantina scene from another perspective
Little Kid + Big Huge Ball = That Had to Hurt


It's Me... Maven said...

That periodical table rocks!! I think it comes in handy now that it's grillin' season!

Have a happy Fourth!!

MC said...

Yeah, some things are hard to tell if they are funky until it is too late.

Semaj said...

I loved the Nyquill story. I should really try that trick.

MC said...

See, I thought you would have loved the Cantina thing.