Monday, July 02, 2007

My confession about Doctor Who

I have a confession which will greatly reduce my geek cachet... I have never really watched Doctor Who.

I mean, when I was a little kid, I used to watch this science-based cartoon show called Eureka! on TV Ontario (TVO is Provincial Public television akin to PBS), and afterwards, Dr. Who would come on, and the music used to freak me out... so I never watched it. Of course, now I love the music, so that isn't an impediment now, but something else happened between then and now to make me have sort of an aversion to the show.

It wasn't until college that the Doctor had another swing at me, but even then, it ended up as a big whiff.

You see, I had a friend who was a life-long devotee of the series, and as such, he was like many of us who really like something, a proselytizer for the series. He loved it was terminal intensity, and as his friend, he felt I should also like it.

He tried to get me into the series by showing me some of the Tom Baker episodes, but it just didn't take. I mean, I couldn't tell you anything about what we watched... and yet, I can tell you that we rented a Monty Python tape with Mr. Neutron and the Golden Age of Ballooning on it.

And then we had a falling out, which is to say that I stopped seeing him as a friend and well, since Doctor Who was part of the experience of that friendship I felt little need to explore it further(and from what I've heard 1996 was a good year to not get into the series anyway).

So today, I still don't really feel the desire to sit down and watch Chris Eccleston or David Tennant occupy the role. I have absolutely nothing invested in the series, and the ironic thing is, I was a history major and time travel is one of my favorite story types, and I still don't want to watch the series.

Perhaps someday I will get into it, but today isn't that day.


Micgar said...

Hi-I never have watched Dr. Who either! Hey Matthew, I just got "tagged." I am now asking if you could post 5 things you do to help you get on a positive track. See my blog for details. Thanks!

Mayren said...

ha ha you've been Tagged by Micgar!

Dr. Who is not for everyone true. I loved the Tom Baker as the Doctor and I watch the newest series with Eccleston now Tennant.

I enjoy the series alot but with Billie Piper gone I don't know if I can grow with it. we'll see soon.

Anyways, your forgiven for never watching it. I know you will lay down more pop culture for us soon. I mean sheesh the new Battlestar Galactica August movie thingy is coming soon.

MC said...

Micgar: I do memes on a case by case basis.

Mayren: About BSG... against, not part of the tribe.

Tuffy said...

I think I know what you mean by calling this a confession. I had to think about it a bit, but I remember now that when I was growing up I had the distinct impression that Dr. Who was this edgy, outsider show that I should like more than I did. Probably because it was among the BBC stuff shown on PBS. God, what a joke!

MC said...

Well, the latter person who tried to convert me wasn't really someone I would have ever called cool or edgy.

Micgar said...

Now i don't blame you about doing the memes things on a case by case basis! That game wasn't just a simple game of tag-you have to reg. for UN and PW to submit info-etc. A little too much trouble to play...sorry i bothered you!

MC said...

Well, I generally only pick media/pop cultural related memes too with no tags at the end.