Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunday Night Video: Weng Weng!

In the fine tradition of Little Superstar, there is Super Agent 00, played by the Filipino actor Weng Weng, the shortest actor to play a leading role in a movie at 2'9.

Now I didn't post this movie to mock the work of this impressive little fellow, but rather to celebrate it. It is pure awesomeness, and I want to pick up the two movies he was in, both as a James Bond fan(as they clearly "borrow" much from that series), and as someone who has as part of my cultural heritage the image of Verne Troyer beating the living crap out of Jake Busey after hiding in a cabinet on Shasta McNasty.

I've been watching other scenes available on Youtube, and I've enjoyed them all. Part of me thinks that in part Dr. Tran is a tweaking of Weng Weng.


Qelqoth said...

Weng Weng is a goddamned legend!

MC said...

I could watch that guy all day!

Semaj said...

Up to this point, I've never heard of this little guy.

I loved the fly bike bit and the fact he drinks only soda.

MC said...

I found out while I was doing that movie roles thing that Warwick Davis is making a movie called Agent One-Half... which looks like it is going to be the same kind of action!