Friday, June 01, 2007

Stumbleupon Finds: May Edition

I notice every month I do this, the list gets longer and longer... perhaps I will need to do this feature bimonthly in the future. As it stands, May was a banner month for weird, funny and thoughtful content from the rich seas of the internet.

Please enjoy these nuggets, and I encourage you to look at other content by these people if you like their work.

Images You should see

Poppin' Fresh genocide
A weird motivational poster
I Wonder what happened.
Checking a Baby's Diaper
No One wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford by Brandon Bird
The Answer is Not Always C via College Humor
So that's how Paris Hilton picked up Religion
Vote Robot Nixon! via Strk3

Web Comics

Home on the Strange's Whose your Savior?
Handrooster's Search Wars
Haiku Circus's Bonus Level
Cyanide and Happiness's Dream
Jen Wang's Dance of the Flight Attendant
Big Fat Whale's Kansas Classrooms
This BewbTube from ExtraLife will resonate for anyone who was a fan of Drive.
People who Make me Jealous by Mark Stivers
Frogger from Lifemeter Comics
Deliveries in the Rear via Ctrl+alt+Del(It is all about Spiderman 3!).
I Think I am getting the Fear from Cartridge Comics


Unnamed Paddle game
3rd World Farmer
A trippy paint splatter sim


Parody of We Didn't Start the Fire
Supernews presents Revenge of the Nerds
Exceptional Ping Pong Ball Tricks
The Truth about Japanese Restaurants


For you writers out there: The shocking truth about the Slush pile
Best Week ever presents The 10 most ludicrous 24 moments ever
How to Clean your toilet the fun way
A timeline for the events of Futurama


Heidi said...

I love stumbled upon stumble upons. Did you read about the big sale? Stumble Upon to eBay for 75million. I guess it happened in April. I wonder what eBay is going to do with it? Will we start seeing auctions every few stumbles?

Anonymous said...

Third World Farmer is quite interesting.


Mr. Fabulous said...

The service you provide here to humanity is invaluable.

God bless you, sir.

MC said...

Heidi: They are claiming that Stumbleupon is going to be a separate unit under the eBay flagship... I'll believe it when I see it.

Liz: My first go around I lasted 21 years.

Mr. Fab: It is penance, truly it is.

Blue Sky said...

MC: A friend of mine found this:

It's a free turnbased fantasy game from Ilwinter and Shrapnel Games.

MC said...

That is some interesting information... I am going to look into it.