Friday, June 01, 2007

It's Official: Leonard Maltin has lost it

Ok, maybe he never really had it to begin with... the reason I am writing this post is because Leonard Maltin has been the film critic for Entertainment Tonight for 25 years, and he was asked to make a list of the films he liked the best from each of those years.

Behold the list of some questionable selections:

1982: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
1983: Terms of Endearment
1984: The Killing Fields
1985: Prizzi's Honor
1986: Hannah and her Sisters
1987: Moonstruck
1988: The Unbearable Lightness of Being
1989: Glory
1990: Dances with Wolves
1991: The Commitments
1992: Howards End
1993: King of the Hill
1994: Pulp Fiction
1995: Braveheart
1996: Fargo
1997: As Good As It Gets
1998: Shakespeare in Love
1999: The Sixth Sense
2000: Croupier
2001: Songcatcher
2002: Adaptation
2003: The Barbarian Invasions
2004: The Motorcycle Diaries
2005: Brothers
2006: Little Children

Maltin wrote: "So even though this highly subjective, personal list may not coincide with the Academy Awards, or anyone else's choices, I'm sticking to my guns."

And yet when he was doing his list of 100 must-see films of the 20th Century, he contradicts the above list in 1990 and 1993 with no mention of the films he has listed above(Goodfellas and Schindler's List for Dances with Wolves and King of the Hill)

Hmmm. I wonder what is wrong with Leonard Maltin sometimes.


D. Prince said...

Leonard Maltin is so mainstream it hurts.

Heidi said...

When I saw Dances With Wolves in the theater I was so distracted by Mary McDonnell's hair. She has a totally modern layered haircut in the movie.

MC said...

D: I just remember when he gave a bad review to a Paramount movie and they forced him to stop reviewing on ET.

Heidi: I know... I mean, come on... they have wigs for that kind of thing.