Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Savage Steve Holland to direct new movie

The Hollywood Reporter has broken some great news for fans of oddball comedy. Savage Steve Holland is going to direct a theatrically-released film for the first time in 18 years.

Not since 1989's How I Got into College has Mr. Holland worked on an opus, so to speak. Sure, he has kept himself busy by working on a series of well-known Disney shows, from Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire to Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

Now he is coming back with what is being described as the third part of his odd little trilogy(with Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer). I am totally psyched for this. The movie is going to be called "The Big One Three", and the premise is that a father who had a horrible 13th birthday when he was a kid tries to make sure that when his own son reaches that milestone, he doesn't have the same experience.

I saw Better Off Dead at the theatre and it was as funny then as it is now, and I look forward to seeing what a more mature Holland can bring to the table now. He has a wider range of experiences and I think there is great potential here. The man had an eye for the comically bizarre, and that is something we need as much now as we did back in the 1980's. I mean, he made PG comedies that were actually funny and highly memorable, and that is saying something.

So I wish you luck Savage Steve Holland. I hope the big screen is still kind to you.


Paul said...

Wow, that's great news. My wife and I were talking about Better Off Dead last night (some show was ranting about how great Say Anything was, and we were trying to remember this forgotten Cusak gem).

I want my two dollars!!!!

Chris said...

This is awesome news indeed. Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer are classics.

MC said...

Paul: Everytime the paperboy comes up, I always think yeah, he was a sadistic little jerk and all, but damn, that kid worked damn hard for 2 bucks.

Chris: One Crazy Summer is so underrated.

Mayren said...

That is awesome news! Thanks!
I'm a Better off Dead fan too.
80's classic hall of fame movie.

Come to think of it.. i loved Lizzie Maguire too. I like Disney stuff *hangs head in shame*

MC said...

I've watched Ned's whateverthehellis Guide before...