Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The 20 Best "That Guys" as presented by Cracked

Clive Bannister at Cracked Magazine put together a list of 20 actors that you might often call "That Guy" perhaps with an "Ooohhhh" preceding it.

Now, I have a great eye for faces and equally adept memory for names, but I was actually surprised that I honestly wouldn't have been able to name a few of the presented individuals, though I recognized them all. And some of my favorites are on the list: Danny Trejo, Keith David (I'd love to see him in a neo-Blaxploitation movie with Samuel L. Jackson, really I would), and JT Walsh. It nails a lot of the quality character actors.

And you know a list has made an impact with you when you find yourself saying "Oh My God! It's THAT GUY!" even though you know their name(in this case it was Joaquim De Almeida in Clear and Present Danger, who was stellar on 24 during season 3. Though that movie did remind me that Harris Yulin wasn't on that list, and that is sort of a shame.

I wonder if there are any plans to make a "That Chick" list as well? I'd think Lynne Thigpen would be high on that one.


Jenifesto said...

Fametracker (currently on hiatus) did a feature on "That Guys" that is pretty extensive (and includes the ladies)...


MC said...

That is a great list... and very impressive as well.