Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Zombies: An Flash Game Menace

Zombies are recurring figures in the world of online gaming, but it is rare to play a game featuring them that really passes the muster so to speak. I mean, it seems like everyone who makes online games has to make at least one zombie game, so when a good one comes along, you really notice them.

I have found two of them which really stand out for me in the genre so I just had to share them with the rest of you.

The first is Boxhead: The Rooms, which is presented in an isometric 3D perspective, and has one simple rule: survive. You upgrade your weapons by killing zombies quickly and in rapid succession. At first, it looks cute, but then, the blood starts going everywhere, and you find yourself engaged in an orgy of violence against the undead. There is also a very good sequel called Boxhead: More Rooms. I know that there are a lot of games like this making their way to the Nintendo Wii, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it has made the cut.

The second is The Last Stand, where you play as a survivor who has found a redoubt in the zombie-infested world, and it is up to you to survive countless nights and search the land throughout the daylight for weapons and other survivors. Now, the dynamic of having swarms of enemies attacking a fortified position is nothing new in flash games, but the designers really got the little touches right... and the game actually has an ending, which is always a plus. It is a little grittier than Boxhead and it is still satisfying, although a little less exciting, as there is a barricade between yourself and the zombies.

Hopefully, I haven't destroyed your productivity for today, and if I have, well, and I am sorry, and I hope your enjoyment makes up for it.


Chris said...

I love the Last Stand, even though the challenge is over after you figure out the strategy.

MC said...

I didn't say it was particularly hard... just that it was fun. ;)