Monday, May 28, 2007

Cultural Detritus: The little bits that won't fit

Semaj does this kind of posting once in a while, and it is a good concept for the little bits of cultural detritus floating in my brain right now, none of which are suitable for a full-length entry.

  • I wonder if Rosie O'Donnell could have ever imagined that a reality show guest who appeared on her self-titled show on May 8th, 2001, a young Elisabeth Filarski, would feature prominently in her future after both individuals had blowout on national television or that she would vow never to speak to her former guest and cohost again after said event. I also wonder what the payout for predicting such an event on a Las Vegas line would have been back in 2001. I bet I could have bought a jet from what I would have won on a 1 dollar wager.

  • And speaking of freaky pairings: Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco are getting back together... and like many figures of infamy, they are working on a reality show. Yeah, I sort of feel like I need a shower too.

  • Lily Allen was booted out of school as a lass for the same reason a former president was almost booted from office. I could make a joke about this whole thing describing the quality of her music, but I won't.

  • Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Christopher Lee. And what birthday would be complete without a horrible gift? This year, Tim Burton is cutting your part out of his upcoming epic Sweeney Todd... though I guess you can just look back on the 250+ other projects you've worked on and look at this whole thing philosophically. That or the fact that you are now working on the movie version of the quasi-sequel to the original Wicker Man, a movie which you totally rocked in by the way.


It's Me... Maven said...

Some how or another, it doesn't surprise me about Lily Allen. Good for her, her folks weren't hung up about that kind of thing:)

MC said...

And it certainly didn't affect her voice either.