Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Power of Transmundanity

I didn't know this until earlier this week, but it looks like when you do a search on Google for the blog titles of many of the winners of the Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award, well, the entry or entries on my blog where they won are usually the second or third result. I discovered this when I was looking at my sitemeter referrals and someone was looking for "Melanie in Orygun".

I did not know that a link from me in that particular kind of posting carried that much weight. I am quite frankly surprised. I mean I've talked about a lot of different blogs as I've written this , and the people who achieve transmundanity also receive a lot of other awards and nominations, so the fact that my little award stands out so much in search engine results... I can only respond with stunned silence.

It may be just something that Google.ca is doing, so if you've won a Homer Simpson Transmundanity award, do a search for the title of your blog to see if your results match what I am getting.


Mel said...

MC, that's awesome! I almost never Google my blog, which is actually kind of ostrich-like, isn't it?
Anyway, not only are my US search results the same, but I found out that there are about fivedy-hundred blogs that blogroll me that I've never heard of. Which means I have an assload of blog-hopping to do this weekend. :(

Mr. Fabulous said...

Sure enough, on the second page of the search for mine, two in a row, Weeks 18 and 29.

MC said...

Mel: See, I usually find new people who've linked to me through Technorati and Sitemeter, as my site's moniker is both common in its short form and a monster to type in its longer one.

Mr. Fab: Well, Pointless Drivel is like an iceberg... with many of its links beneath the surface as it were. ;)

Karl said...

I'll have to check that out, but it seems you're becoming some kind of Internet Superpower.

MC said...

I am not the United States of blogging... more like the Sweden.