Monday, April 23, 2007

Reno 911: Seattle - Deputy Exchange Program

Sometimes you have those rare moments when you find something unexpected when sifting through some things.

Hilly made an entry this weekend about comedians her readers liked, and to go along with my response, I went looking for YouTube clips, and when I was looking for Patton Oswalt there, I found another video which was a blast from the past.

You see, I used to hang around a few web design forums about 4-5 years ago, and everybody generally knew each other(there were quite a few member meetups throughout the years as well), and I was rather surprised to come across a video done by one of those very same forum members by happenstance.

The member in question put together a 10 minute slice of comedic gold called Reno 911: Seattle (Deputy Exchange Program), and it is very quotable(I think the second car scene at midway point in video is the funniest part of all). From what I gathered, it was an entry in a Reno 911 contest, with the prize being an appearance as an extra on the show.

Unfortunately, she didn't win, and I think that is a real shame because it is high quality work.

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