Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Nice Girls"- A promising show in the midst of pilot season

I read about a series that is going to be starting next season on ABC that is described as such:

A sweet-natured young woman struggles to get ahead in the corporate world.

And I thought... hmm, that sounds really familiar... I mean, it sounds like a show that I really like right now.

But it isn't Ugly Betty... it is Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office, based on the non-fiction books of Lois Frankel about women and corporate culture. The series follows the life and career of a sweet young woman named Angela, a real estate executive who is trying to make vice-president of the company she works for, and to do that, she is going to have play a little bit dirty.

Featuring Ugly Betty's Jayma Mays(she plays Charlie) as Angela, along with a former 24 president played by Gregory Itzin.

Now, I've really enjoyed Jayma Mays' character on Ugly Betty, as she is just so likable, and from the premise of her new series, I think she is going to bring a lot of that same quality to it as well. And since her secretary/assistant is the talented comic actress Jane Curtin, there is a lot of ways this could all go so right.

Of course, I realize that by talking about the show positively now, I am probably ensuring that it won't do well or maybe won't even make it out of pilot season, but hey, additional exposure may be good for this potential series.


Tracey said...

Sounds like an interesting show...but I'm running out of time in each day to actually live my life away from all the good tv around at the moment.

MC said...

There is a lot of good tv lately, I agree.

Mayren said...

i like it. i'm an ugly betty fan too and i have plenty of space on one of my Tivos... i think

MC said...

I am sure there will be room by next season.