Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fishheads, Fishheads: A Culture Kills Comic

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Fishheads, Fishheads

If you didn't know it(and how I envy that bliss of ignorance), there is an actual Fishheads song.

Hate me now and hate me later for (re)introducing that little slice of Bill Paxton into your mind.


Mel said...

I'd be mad, but I randomly get that particular earworm stuck in my head about twice a month anyway, so... you may live. This time.

Chris said...

You haven't lived until you've seen the music video - which I saw on an old edition of Al TV (for those old enough to remember that!).

MC said...

Mel: I have an earworm as well... something which I will not mention here, as I am sure it is an malady of others as well.

Chris: It is a strange little short film, isn't it?

Mayren said...

it reminds me of the inane chanting that people would do on the Aeon Flux show while they went into little boxes to eat their heads of lettuce. creepy.

MC said...

I've never seen that... and part of me doesn't want to.