Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Night "Yeah RIGHT's"

Simon Cowell thinks he is bigger than Bruce Springsteen: In an upcoming 60 Minutes interview, Simon Cowell states that he is worth more to Sony BMG than the Boss. Listen Simon, I know you think you are all that, but in 50 years, who do you think people will still be talking about, you and your motley band of manufactured acts or the Boss, a man who has made iconic music for almost four decades now, and when the American public decides that they no longer like the middling brand of mediocrity American Idol brings to their home every season, Springsteen will still be selling albums. You may have a beef about your compensation, but really, taking it out on someone else who has paid their dues is sort of pathetic.

The Hypocrisy of Viacom: Viacom is suing Google's Youtube for 1 Billion dollars because the company's copyrighted materials were being uploaded by individual users. However, Viacom also owns Ifilm... which as you guessed it, has unauthorized digital content from other companies on it. Hmmm... isn't that just so interesting. And at the same time, Sumner Redstone is the chairman of CBS that has a deal with Youtube and Google. Sorry for the aneurysm as you try to figure your way through that load of conflicting interests.

The RIAA has to pay: A Oklahoma mother beat the Recording Industry Association of America twice in court and as such, she received a judgment which allowed her to collect legal fees... and in determining what is a reasonable amount of money for her claim, the court has demanded that the RIAA provide their time sheets and billing records for the case. And the thing is, they don't want to do that. Hmmm. I wonder why a litigious organization like the RIAA wouldn't want to turn over documents when they have sued 20000 Americans in recent years.

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