Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Odd Stumbleupon finds : January Edition

Once again it is nearing the end of the month and it is time again for another roundup of strange and funny stuff I've found using Stumbleupon. Enjoy.

Images and comics:

The Last Jedi Supper

Tales of the Holistic Fairness of the world

Day of the Living Alive


What happens when the worst-rated player in John Madden Football talks back?

Great insults by famous people

What 24's Jack Bauer has learned over
the years as presented by Esquire.

France and England almost united in the 1950's? Wow.


Rednecks mess with the WRONG GUY

Instant Ice

National Flags of the World meet a focus group.

It truly was a banner month from Stumbleupon.

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