Friday, November 10, 2006

CBS's Smith given closure, Studio 60 gets nod

CBS has shown itself to be, if not kind, at least understanding to the fans of the show Smith, as they have decided to post on their Innertube site the seven filmed episodes of the series. Additionally, they are also giving fans a synopsis of how the show was going to end up so there is some closure on the series after all. Now a lot of people may be upset when a series they are watching gets cancelled, and I know I've been burned many times in the past by this (I'll always remember you Push, Nevada), but I think this move was a wise decision on CBS's part. If only Fox had shown the same kind of loyalty and thought to the fans of Reunion which comes immediately to mind.

And it seems that those stories that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was close to cancellation were premature as the Associated Press has reported that NBC has given the series a full order despite its lackluster ratings. I guess it really is their prestige show for their monied demo... like a show about the UN would be. Yes, it is just that pretentious, and yes, I am seeing those little things that ruin the illusion of reality, but I am still watching it, and it is a relief that even if NBC does cancel the show this year(and I wouldn't put it past them after they cancelled Last Comic Standing 3 before the results show, there is a decent chance that the full 22 episode run would make it to DVD.

Can it get better or will it get worse? Only time will tell.


Mayren said...

I notice your singular label on this post yet still 8 social bookmarks. *giggles*

Anyways, just stopped in from The FooLogs and wanted to give you props for your design and organization of this blog.


MC said...

Well, I use the labels in very narrow ways... of course, my technorati tags... thems crazy.

Thanks for the compliments. :)