Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The big 3 24-hour news channels hit the trifecta!

And the most important and stunning news on election day is:

Britney Spears Divorce bigger than Election

Here in pop culture land, even I realize how inconsequential this breaking news seems today. Of course, this news probably doesn't come as a surprise, November or any other kind really.


Anonymous said...

Hey Britney filed for divorce...no more K-fed.

Just thought I would crap up the smarts around here ;).

Say No to Crack said...

What, you wanted something like "old man pulls ahead of other old man in the exit polls". This is America, we are SO much more cultured than that ... hence the intelligent article on Britney.


MC said...

hilly: He is a virus that will not so easily be washed from the swollen tonsils of the entertainment industry. He has, as KGB in rounders once said, "alligator blood"

no-crack: or even "old man pulls out unmentioned body part at polling place, unnamed poll worker was heard to remark, 'that is not the kind of lever we told you to pull'"

DutchBitch said...

Hey come on! Get your priorities straight... That is big news.. that Britney finally smartened up, LOL

TJ said...

Well, what do you expect. 24-hours of news has always been ridiculous. Back in the 50's, television news was on for 15 minutes a day -- it was known back then that there wasn't enough news to fill any more time than that.

Now we have 24 hours and 45 minutes of filler, with 15 minutes of news sprinkled in. Ain't progress great!

MC said...

Well, it was a story of inevitability, wasn't it?

j said...

And here I thought that the Democrat majority or the Rumsfeld resignation was the cause of celebration..

MC said...

j: hehehe

Someone in the media wisely put two and two together and figured out that the reason Spears et al. did it this way was so her soon to be ex wouldn't be able to get as much publicity on Tuesday.