Friday, November 03, 2006

Another confession: Dreaming

I almost always dream of celebrities. But not in the way that sounds.

You see, when I dream, people I know are often played by actors and actresses in those weird ethereal dramas, and in my dream symbology, the same actor or actress usually reprises the role of that person in my life every time they appear (of course, there have been some recasts over the years). I don't know how my subconscious does the casting either, so at times I have to struggle to figure out why this new character has appeared in the dreamscape, though I think a similar quality either physically, in terms of mannerisms or speech patterns is probably what determines the casting.

And no, these are not dirty dreams I am talking about either, these are my normal-type dreams, which are weird in their own way. Of course, when I do make this admission to people, they usually have one question: who plays me in your dreams?

That is usually a question they don't want answered because either there isn't a person to associate with them because they've never come up or the person who does represent them is not as spectacular as they hoped it to be, mainly because the people who take those roles are not the 10 million dollar salaried superstars, but rather an eclectic mix of character actors, up and comers and stand-up comedians... sort of like an indie film.

And the odd thing is, I don't associate those actors and actresses with the people they represent in my dreams when I watch them in a movie or on television in my waking life.

Now my question is: does anyone else dream like this?


Anonymous said...

Totally; it is odd too because the person who is always the bad guy in my dreams is Josh Holloway from LOST. Shit, you would think I would DIE for him to be chasing me, LOL.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I think you would be happier if you dreamt of me at night.

Give it a try. Have some fun with it!

Tracey said...

Ohhh...interesting. I haven't had any dreams like that...but they sound cool!

MC said...

Hilly: I could see him being a villain. Really.

Mr. fab: What makes you think you don't have someone playing a role in my little psychodrama?

Tracey: Of course, like movies, I guess it all depends on the casting.

Anonymous said...

You must be thinking of these people in your everyday life. Your brain works in funny ways, your dreams put together stuff from your conscious life in different ways. Its called condensation, in which one aspect of someone is protrayed as another. Its quite a interesting phenomanon.