Sunday, October 29, 2006

Walkin' Home: A Culture Kills Comic

Put together like an finely tuned Ford Pinto at the garage at Strip Generator

Yes, I feel a little dirty, but that is a good thing.


Jeremy Barker said...

I love that you have a dildo tag on this. That oughta get you some interesting search traffic.

MC said...

I put that character into the box, and that is the first thing I saw and the rest sort of wrote itself.

Of course, the tag will only draw people in if Technorati starts pinging me again.

DB Cooper said...

Apropos of something sent me.

I love that the first guy is tubular and that her head is always flat.

I think that says something about our culture don't you? Nah, me neither. I was just faking it. I could have phoned this comment in...

Wait! THAT says something about ME and since I'm a part of culture then ipso facto... that DOES say something about our culture after all.

I knew I'd make a point if I just kept typing.

DutchBitch said...

eewwwwww... I don't wanna think of dating midgets and "fun size" ... Thanks babe!

MC said...

DB: Well, that's how I get through life... I just keep talking until I can tie two ideas together.

Dutchy: If I had to see drunk naked Minime peeing on a wall from a moped, I think the idea of a fun-sized midget should be still in the bounds of good taste(at least according to recent network trends).

Cat said...

"Fun size"? hahaha Now I'll be thinking of midgets all Halloween.

Great comic there. :)

Happy Click & Comment Monday, too.

Paul said...

Is Technorati ignoring you as well? It thinks I haven't posted in 60 days. I've gone through their tech support system twice without any response.

I've heard this is pretty common. Unfortunately, I think Technorati is on its last gasp.

MC said...

Paul: I had a stretch of 11 days go by without update a few months ago, so yeah, it seems common enough to be uncomfortable.

Cat: Just as long as they aren't stalking you on a boat or around the streets of Venice, then I think you should be just fine then ;)

Maritza said...

I love your blog but couldn't comment when I see it on Blogmad! The word verification doesn't show up.

How do you publish your most awesome comic strips?

MC said...

Thanks Maritza. Here is a simplified list of steps as to how I put it together.

1) I make the comic up in Strip Generator
2) save it
3) take a screenshot
4) open it in photoshop so I can move the panels into a totem pole configuration(one panel on top of another rather than side by side), 5) save for web and then
6)throw it into the relevant entry. ;)

Time Killer said...

You can create more customized cartoons on ;)