Saturday, September 30, 2006

Week 20: Pageant of the Transmundane

John Waters would probably love this week's winner... though not for the reason you are thinking.

This week, quite a few people sent in some rather good entries to consider, for which I am more than grateful, but alas, it was a blog that popped up through Blogmad which ultimately wowed me this week.

Now, while it is rare for an entire blog to win this award, it still isn't unprecedented, and I feel this week that both the scope and specificity of the winner makes it truly transmundane.

You see, the blog in question is about bags in trees. Pictures of bags in trees with maps to their location so others may see them. And of course, this is not even a worldwide phenomenon, but rather one that is confined to a single city, Baltimore. I mean, as a premise and in execution it is both so bizarre and yet lovingly crafted that I can't help but be impressed by the depth of this endeavor, especially since this blog has been in existence since March of this year. It is audacious and original, and therefore, it is a Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award winner.

Homer in the Woods

Congratulations to everyone at Bags in Trees for their combined efforts to create something so memorable and unusual in the blogosphere.

Week 20 Homer Simpson Pageant of the Transmundane

The approximate coding is available here.

The rules of this little contest: Every week I will be selecting one blog post that I have seen from the vast reaches of the blogosphere to bestow with the Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award for being one of the freakiest(in a funny way) things I've seen or read during a 7 day period. It doesn't necessarily have to have been written during the week, I just had to have encountered it. That means that if you find something interesting and repost it like a movie or whatever, if I saw it at your blog first, you get the prize. Of course, creating your own content is also a very good way to win.

Now, if you see a post that you think is worthy of this illustrious prize, just drop me a line at and we'll see if we can't get your suggestion up and award-ready while giving you some credit and a link to your own blog.


Mr. Fabulous said...

That blog popped up for me too, and I thought it was pretty cool. Good choice!

DutchBitch said...

Wow! That's an original blog! Cool!

verity said...

Thanks so much for the kudos!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, that blog makes me giggle. Not in a bad way but in the way that I can see how the author has to look at life in a whole new way. It reminded me of American Beauty and that plastic bag ;).

MC said...

Mr. Fab: It just won me over throughout the week.

Dutchy: It certainly is high concept.

Verity: I hope you and the gang over at BIT keep up the good work. I am also glad that Snakes on a Plane didn't derail the effort.

Hilly: That's why I had American Beauty in the technorati tags.