Friday, September 29, 2006

The Tenant in Room 115: Illustrated Movie Review Blog

This week I chose for my new tenant a blog that I think fits well with my pop cultural perspective: The Illustrated Movie Review Blog.

Illustrated Movie Review Blog
H.A. Calles started off slow with recreations of movie posters and characters with a very brief review. Mia from Pulp Fiction is a good example of this period of the blog.

A little later, the reviews started getting a little longer, as Resident Evil and Unforgiven demonstrate.

Then on July 4th, Calles made a decision which was to revolutionize his blog. He because posting his reviews in both English and Spanish, starting with the highly appropriate Once upon a Time in Mexico and reviewing other titles with interesting plots or characters as The Chronicles of Riddick, Nacho Libre and the Lake House.

There are a lot of illustrated reviews on this site, and I am only giving you a taste of the bounties that await you at the Illustrated Movie Review Blog... so why not check it out?


H. A. Calles said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks a lot for choosing Illustrated Movie Review Blog and also for the cool, detailed review… To tell you the truth I wasn’t fully aware of the changes I’ve done to my Blog this far. I know that ever since I joined Blog Explosion I wanted to be more competitive, and my Blog suffered the consequences, but I wasn’t keeping a conscious record of what exactly I’ve done. It seems to me that from you external prospective now you know more about my Blog than myself…Lol… Thanks again Matt!!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Ooh, cool. I like movies.

I must click over...

MC said...

H.A.: I am known for my thoroughness when writing my introductions. After all, I think in most cases people are paying for the intro more than the space so to speak, and I am sure that if someone else was to do the same kind of thing to my blog, they would see some emerging patterns from the start to the present.

Mr. Fab: Who doesn't like movies really? They are a fascinating medium, are they not ;)