Saturday, August 05, 2006

Week 12: Pageant of the Transmundane

Week 12... this is where teams start getting ready for the Superbowl... oh wait, I am getting ready for the upcoming football seasons and wouldn't you know I got a little confused. Anyway, onto something that isn't football-related.

Jess over at Apropos of Something was discussing his television watching habits after quitting World of Warcraft, and how they have degenerated to a state which he deems awful.

And as part of this discussion, he happened to mention Miami Ink, and he posted a picture of a tattoo that was both brilliant and insane, a true thing of beauty and madness. It was a three-ring circus of pop cultural delights, and while it was probably a total photoshop job, it was certainly worthy of this award. If it IS real, then it takes on a whole new dimension of transmundanity, and as such should be both revered and feared.

So for bring both joy and pain to my life with that image, I am pleased to award Jess with this fitting Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award in the form of Homer, some ink and the phrase "Go Bengals". It is wonderfully coincidental, don't you think?

Homer supports the Bengals

So congrats Jess, and I have enjoyed reading Apropos of Something these past few weeks.

The rules of this little contest: Every week I will be selecting one blog post that I have seen from the vast reaches of the blogosphere to bestow with the Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award for being one of the freakiest(in a funny way) things I've seen or read during a 7 day period. It doesn't necessarily have to have been written during the week, I just had to have encountered it. That means that if you find something interesting and repost it like a movie or whatever, if I saw it at your blog first, you get the prize. Of course, creating your own content is also a very good way to win.

Now, if you see a post that you think is worthy of this illustrious prize, just drop me a line at and we'll see if we can't get your suggestion up and award-ready while giving you some credit and a link to your own blog.


Jess said...

I'm honored! :)

When I was writing the post, I tried to imagine the most ridiculous tattoo ever. After I came up with the tiger, Honda, Mario Brothers combo, I began to think, "Hey...why don't I try to Photoshop that sucker up?"

I'm just glad to hear someone got a laugh out of it. :)

MC said...

It was the use of that classic Super Mario phrase that got you the win. ;)

snackiepoo said...

Jess - Come back to neeeeds you.

Ha, I kid ;).....I just want more shoes, le sigh.

MC said...

Don't wave the ring in front of Gollum Snackie... or at least hold out for a lifetime supply of Hansen's.