Friday, August 04, 2006

A Great Film Parody by X-Play

This will be a very brief post (I will be handing out a transmundanity award tonight though), but with all the talk about both Mel Gibson and Michael Mann's new version of Miami Vice, I remembered something I saw a couple of months that really made me laugh and I thought that now it was strangely appropriate.

So I am pleased to present the X-Play Passion of the Christ parody.

I would have called it Michael Mann's Passion of the Christ myself, but what are you going to do.

If you don't like it, remember, I am only the person showing it to you (I have read some of the comments on the original video, and it got ugly). I thought it was really funny, and something worth sharing on a Friday.


TJ said...

Well, that is pretty much designed to offend just about everyone, isn't it?

Anomie-Atlanta said...

Check out the World of Warcraft commercial on You Tube, if you haven't seen it on G4.

MC said...

TJ: Christians-Check, people who like quality film-check, Colin Farrell fans-check... yeah, I think it covered a lot of the bases yes.

AA: I saw it on X-Play around valentine's day yes, though I think another "classic" is On the X-Play Board.