Wednesday, July 26, 2006

From a Little Idea to Attack of the Show

With the BlogHer Conference about to begin, I thought that the timing of another event merited mention.

The video game industry is often accused that it only addresses the needs and desires of its male consumers and fans, and for the most part, this is a largely true statement. However, a blogger I read regularly may have found another breech in the wall in the formerly unassailable structure around the gaming industry.

You see, Faith over at The Girl Gamer has been cranking out quality gaming related work for a while now(and she keeps getting more responsibilities throughout the blog village to show for it), and it is her dream to write professionally in the industry

But when she decided that she was going to turn the tables so to speak on the industry...

I know this may sound weird, but if the industry to going to put chicks like Morgan Webb, and Jessica Chobot into the sex icon role, then we can put the guys in the same spot.

...she didn't know how far it could take her.

At the time she didn't really think the posting was going to go anywhere... but people in the industry started to take notice and word of the list started to make its way around not just gaming forums, but through some of the gaming companies and media outlets as well, and things just started moving rather quickly... and it is culminating in her upcoming appearance on Attack of the Show tonight to discuss the results, and I am so happy for her. I hope she rocks the house tonight, because this just seems like such a great opportunity for her, and it will be interesting to see her being interviewed by someone who made her list.

Of course, this whole thing just goes to show you that something you write today could change the course of your whole life, and that blogging actually can lead to bigger and better things. It certainly has renewed my commitment to this medium.


DutchBitch said...

Hmmmm... maybe I should consider blogging about more important stuff in future... Who knows?

theothermichelle said...

Good for her! Women do get ignored when it comes to the world of gaming. I hope she can make a difference and game manufacturers start paying attention to their female audience.

Can you imagine a GTA game with a woman as the main character? Maybe Catalina could be the star of the next one.

MC said...

Dutchy: Oh no... I wasn't implying anything like that. I likes you just the way y'are.

Michelle: I was always more about Asuka myself. Cool, calm and wonderfully malevolent.

Faith said...

Thanks for the post, MC.

I credited you on for that Mario Wars game. I hope it got you some traffic.

Check out Destructoid for the video of the interview. It's not long but still worth the time.


MC said...

I didn't catch the interview when it first aired(because we were having some storms around that time), but I did manage to record that episode of AOTS so I could see it later that night.

Of course, with it being online, it means that more people can see it now too.

And thanks for the shoutout Faith.