Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This Week's Tenant: Jalapeno Burns

When I looked over the field of 12 potential renters this week, one really stood out. I mean, literally, looking at the tiny pictures of the sites who wanted to rent here, one just made me feel like I had a headache and made me want to swear like Samuel L. Jackson in his upcoming movie... you know the one I'm talking about....

Anyway, after having a q-bert flashback(damn you Coily, you snake bastard), I chose Jalapeno Burns, the unofficial site of comdedian Jesse Gersten, and if you've heard me gush about stand-up lately, you understand why I made this pick.

Jalapeno Burns

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty here. Seeing as it is a comedian's blog, naturally it is chock full of nutty goodness, and he came up with an idea I wish I had thought of. You see, Jesse with take an odd news story and add his own commentary to it at certain points throughout. For example, there was a recent story about a man attacking his mother because of the outcome of American Idol, and the commentary was pure comedy gold:

Chagnon was treated at a local hospital for a cut to her head and released.

She said the incident has caused her to lose her interest in the television show.

She’s still proud of her son though, who she says, “Will make some trailer trash whore happy and be the bestest baby’s daddy in the whole wide county.”

Then there are the show reviews, which unlike the kind I criticized a few weeks back, are pretty good reading because they are all from the performer's standpoint, and he is really caustic in talking about some of those clubs too.

And Jesse draws some funky little cartoons throughout his entries which are related to the content of the posts.

You should also check out when he gave blood, talked about the Pastor of Disaster, and met a gal named Bambi.

So check him out... he'll be here all week. *lamest joke ever*


Daily Hater said...

hmm, never heard of him before.

Schadenfreude said...

Damn, still writing the best blog intros evah.

You should be chargin buckets o' BE ducats for this.

MC said...

I think I can charge a bit more when I am a little better known and can provide a solid track record of clickthrough.

That and some of the prices people charge... gah.

I am just going to say this: if you are charging 400 creds for a week... whoever pays that should expect 2-300 clicks to their blog... all I am saying.