Monday, June 05, 2006

Just giving people what they want: Nikki Payne

I've been looking at my sitemeter logs, and apparently the fact that I had mentioned comedian Nikki Payne in an earlier post has led to me getting lot of search engine action for her name. And that's a shame, because I didn't have anything substantive to give to those people... until now.

I had found her blog a few month's ago, and I've been keeping it as my own little secret.

And then there was her appearence on LCS available from IFilm. If you are Canadian, you may recognize Tracy MacDonald sitting next to her at one point during the clip.

Or you could always check her out on Myspace.

Hope this helps you searchers out there, and if you don't know her work, maybe you'll watch Last Comic Standing to see her. Enjoy.

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