Monday, May 15, 2006

How Could I Not Hear that?

I bought MVP Baseball 2005 a few weeks ago on Ebay for a few dollars, and while I wasn't particularly taken with the game (because its baseball), I did really like one of the songs on its soundtrack. When I first heard the Bravery's An Honest Mistake, it really stuck with me. I even started thinking that it would probably seamlessly fit in on a mid-80's pop chart...

..and then, I was watching a movie and they started playing New Order's Blue Monday remix, and it hit me why I liked an Honest Mistake so much, and why the 80's seemed like a very appropriate time period for the song. Really, I feel so stupid, because I love Blue Monday, and how I took me so long to hear the similarity now baffles me.

How embarrassing is this really? I am thinking back to late 2003, when Q Magazine released a magazine with the 1001 best songs ever with Blue Monday at #11, and I was arguing with everyone who would hear me that the song deserved a higher position (based on the fact that the top 10 had at least 3 duds in it, "Independent woman pt. 1" my ass). And I still couldn't hear it. DOH!

In thinking about this whole thing, I now find it especially coincidental that Blue Monday is an unlockable song in FIFA 2005, like EA Sports was playing some subtle joke. But I guess my shame is my own now, though I feel better unburdening my shame on all you good folks out there, and admitting that even after figuring out this rather open secret (a cursory glance at allmusic a few weeks back would have saved me this grief now), I still like An Honest Mistake. Even if I do feel like a dumbass now.


Matthew S. Urdan said...


Thanks for stopping by Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta. and reading by 111 Must See Movies List. 51 is a good number. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Have a great day!

MC said...

Thanks Matthew, and I hope you stop by more often as well, because I plan on visiting you little corner of the blogosphere often.