Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Night Video: Something Good (08)

An inventive little remix from the good chaps at the Ministry of Sound of a Utah Saints track released in 1992. Now, generally I don't post music videos in this slot, but this one really caught my eye.

This is how old I am... I not only remember when Utah Saints released this song back in 1992, but I remember seeing the original Kate Bush video for Cloudbusting from 1985 that was sampled in both 1992 and in the new remix.

Another thing that struck me was the Welsh accents, which if you've seen the movie Hot Fuzz, should sound vaguely familiar. I guess that movie really does take place somewhere out in the far West Country, because I was reminded of both Jim Broadbent's Inspector Frank Butterman and Olivia Colman's Doris Thatcher during the interview section of the video. Maybe it is just me however.

Oh, I also found a higher resolution version that I couldn't embed for those who want to take a better gander at some of those sweet moves.


Arjan said...

I loved the Welsh thing in Hot Fuzz. I also like this track (and the one you linked to).
But it's hard to find much of Kate Bush's Cloudbusting in it.
My dad indoctrinated me with Kate Bush so I surprise people with turning up the volume on it (same goes with Sinead O'Connor though).

Arjan said...

..listened I hear it.
Cool way to implement it.

MC said...

Yeah, the Cloudbusting contribution is the vocal.