Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GTA 5 Makes 800 Million Dollars In A Single Day

That is a lot of cash, and I am sure that soothes some of the losses Take Two has had with their sports game licensing costs over the years.

I think if a movie studio made a movie that cost over 250 million dollars and they recouped their investment that quickly.... they'd be ecstatic to say the least.

But of course it was going to make money. I just did not expect it to be that much, that fast.

I am doing the math on that, and that is over 13 million copies.

In a day.

To put that in perspective, Skyrim has sold somewhere around 15 million copies across the 360, PS3 and PC since it came out in 2011.

And I don't know if the game is available digitally on the consoles, because if its not, that is 13 million disc copies of the game, because it is not available for the PC yet.

Those sales figures also make Deep Silver's decision to release Saints Row IV last month seem a little smarter (and I am sort of more on the SR side of things these days), since they got all their good reviews and a lot of sales (for them) before the Rockstar sucked a lot of money out of the market for sandbox games.

Part of me wonders if the movie studios moved their big movies away from this weekend too, since the new releases seem smaller. 

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Lee said...

I think the film industry sometimes forgets that they're not actually the money making powerhouse of the entertainment industry :)