Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jontron Quits Game Grumps, Youtube Community Explodes

I am willing to concede that the thing I am going to discuss here is a little esoteric, and I am fine with that.

I am a fan of Let's Play channels on Youtube, and one of the biggest channels is Game Grumps which is basically Egoraptor and Jontron playing generally older games, and listening to the play off each other was very entertaining. However, in doing the show, both of them ended up not doing the number of individual videos they did in the past.

So yesterday it was announced that Jontron was leaving the show and he was going to be replaced by another guy named Danny Avidan from Ninjasexparty, who also had his own show start on the Game Grumps channel with a dude named Ross about just PC games called Steam Train.

And a vocal part of the Game Grumps Youtube community exploded with anger. Then again, the Youtube community exploding happens all the time, so why is this one different?

They complained and complained on the new videos and they hated that first Steam Train video with a passion. I have to admit that first Steam Train video was a little rough, but you know what, the first Game Grumps video was a little rough too. It takes a bit of time to get into a groove with one of these things. Being upset about the new thing is silly to me.

To me, it is an example of the gaming community being whiny and entitled. There were a lot of people complaining that Jon wasn't making enough videos for his own channel, and when he decided he was going to do just that, a lot of those same people then vilified Game Grumps for not only continuing, but for providing even more content than they were before.

There is also the story that not only did Jon quit the show because he wanted to focus on his own channel, but that he was also moving across country to live with his girlfriend. I think that is admirable, and I certainly don't remember the Continue? community getting really upset when Dom was replaced by Josh when the former left for California. 

I can understand there being some disappointment, but the anger is what is really bothering me. These are a couple of people who are doing something you enjoy and they aren't asking you to pay for it. I think being angry that an era is coming to an end in this situation seems counterproductive and punishing the show in this situation for continuing on isn't healthy.

I am just hoping that this behavior starts winding down over the course of this week and things can start getting back to normal again. 


CRANTIME said...

I have to admit, I'm kinda angry.
Or more so upset that the fact that things end keeps biting me in the ass.
But I figure it'll subside once Jon posts a few videos.

Dan said...

The internet getting all in a bunch and feeling all entitled to about something that is provided them for free? How unusual.

MC said...

Crantime: Like I have no problem with people being bummed out or a little pissed. It was just some people were really getting superpissed about the whole thing and being very vocal about it. Could they have planned Jon leaving better? Yes, I will admit that, but taking it out on Arin and the new guys (which some people are doing) isn't fair to them.

Dan: I started a label with this post and since I am going almost all gaming, I think I will pull it out a few more times over the coming years.

Semaj said...

Because of you, I've gotten into game grumps. I love their bashing of Sonic 06. Never has a shitty game given me more lulz than their videos. I am sad to see them part ways, because I was just getting into their other videos.

I did watch one of the Stream Train (Space Quest). And, I started getting into those other quest games in other Let's Plays. So, I think they're doing a good thing.

Thanks again for introducing me to Game Grumps

MC said...

I am pretty cool with Danny now. I think Ross on Steam Train is going to take a bit longer for me to warm up to though.

I've heard rumors that there is still one last episode of Sonic 06 left to air.