Friday, June 07, 2013

The Arcen Games Bundle At Indie Royale Is Well Worth Your Money

Earlier today, Arcen Games and Indie Royale began a bundle deal that I think everyone should know about. It is basically every game that Arcen has put out except for their most recent game, Skyward Collapse.

I really like the stuff that Arcen games put out because they come up with some amazing concepts and they keep working on their games long after they've been released, which I really respect.

Even though I owned most of the games that were available in this bundle, I bought them again just to support the company because I love what they do.

When asked if there is a game I can recommend for the PC, my first answer is usually their first release AI War: Fleet Command, and in fact, when Jim Squires at Gamezebo asked for people to recommend one awesome game that would never be on the Xbox One because of its restrictions, AI War was the game I chose.

It is a game I am going to talk about a lot in the future as well because it does so many things right in my mind. But I will say this, the AI is indeed awesome in AI War... absolutely amazing. PC Gamer described it thusly: "It’s an RTS with turnbased combat. It’s tower defence with spaceships and wormholes. It’s galactic conquest where the silliest thing you can do is try to conquer everything. It’s a skirmish game where the AI has no interest in pretending it’s a human player."

It's a great game. Simple as that.

And if the bundle was just that game and its expansions (including the new one that is coming out this month and according to Chris Park, the founder of the company, when it is released on Steam, you will get a key for that expansion too) it would be worth the price. But the bundle is so much more than that.

It includes their highly acclaimed puzzle game Tidalis, A Valley Without Wind and its sequel, which are procedurally generated 2D side scrollers with strategic phases and their zombie game Shattered Haven.

Arcen is an amazing company, and I think more people should play their games and support them, because they are willing to try new things, they treat their customers well and they make some really great games, and I respect what they are doing.

So anyone who is interested in PC games and doesn't have some or all of these titles would have nothing to lose by purchasing this bundle. It is going to be on sale for 6 more days, and the price of the bundle is going to keep increasing as people buy it. At this moment, the current minimum is $5.56, and to get all the soundtracks in addition to the games (which includes one of my favorite video game tracks of the moment as well), you'd have to pay $8.

It is a steal of a deal and I am recommending it to everyone.

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