Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Didn't Actually Think That Existed In The Wild

I've been playing NBA 2K13 lately, and enjoying it, and on the soundtrack of that game, there is a song which I decided to look up on Youtube and I ran across this exchange.

I honestly thought that that was a stereotype... that someone would be truly upset that a band they liked went mainstream.I never thought I would actually see someone express that sentiment in the wild. In a sketch lampooning hipsters yes, but not out in the real world (or yes, even the occasional idiocy of a Youtube comment section).

I guess my hipster hate has not been misplaced all these years.


Semaj said...

Hipsters will take over the world. After listening to this, I thought "This is clearly the type of song MC likes."

It is amusing to know someone's taste in music after knowing them over the years via the Internet.

MC said...

And the weird thing is, in the context of that soundtrack, I didn't know until I watched the video that they weren't a black R&B girl group.

Semaj said...

Also, looking at the list of artists, it amazing me that 2k series may have better artists than most EA game today.

EA really needs to step up their game.

MC said...

I think it is because Jay-Z executive produced the presentation of the game.