Thursday, August 09, 2012

So.... What's Been Happening While I've Been Gone?

Yeah, I took a bit of a hiatus there, didn't I? I honestly didn't plan on being away from Culture Kills for that long, and things sort of got away from me.

I mean, it's been 3 months, which in some cases is a lifetime.

Like I have to admit it was sort of refreshing not having the self-applied pressure to blog every day or to simply come up with things to write about, because back in May, my well was running dry.

Strangely enough, the first time I was thinking about coming back was the morning of that terrible shooting in Aurora, but when I awoke that day and read about what had happened, it didn't seem like the appropriate time to be lighthearted. So I waited.

I am not going to make any promises, and I am not going to blog with the expectation that I am going to do so every day or even on some form of schedule. I am just going to play this whole thing by ear now and see what happens, because after six years of doing my thing here at Culture Kills, I think I may have earned myself a little flex time, and who knows... maybe the posts I make in the future will actually be better without the pressure of production.


Lee said...

I recently decided to make my blog a daily one which I'm not entirely sure was a good idea because burn out, especially with other projects on has seemed to creep in pretty quickly.

It's got to be natural and you've got to feel like it for it to be good and rewarding for yourself. Which is something I always struggle with, balancing content production with just enjoying it.

Take all the time in the world buddy!

MC said...

See, something I've noticed about you in terms of blogging is you get a killer idea and you start a blog about it and you start off really strong but then either time or inclination gets away from you.

Semaj said...

Welcome back, someone needs to make a blogging years vs. real months chart (like dog years vs. people years)