Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goodbye IMDB Hit List

For many years, the Internet Movie Database has had the Hit List, a series of links on the front page to articles on blogs and larger sites which would be of interest to the general population of the IMDB. It was always fun reading through the links and finding new perspectives on things.

Well, yesterday, Associate Editor Heather Campbell announced that the Hit List would be no more, since there are now services which automatically provide content for them to share.

Having had two articles on the Hit List, I can say that it does provide quite a boost to traffic, and even when I was not on the receiving end of that bounce, it was always nice to go to the site every weekday and be presented with new perspectives and interesting articles from around the web.

I will truly miss the Hit List. Presenting the links on Facebook and Twitter just can't compete with that.

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